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Why you should hire me for your next project:

Past & Current Clients

Some Words from Clients and Peers

Hard working and creative digital solutions experts with a broad spectrum of knowledge around digital strategy, web design, and information architecture to name a few. Provided numerous strong insights for our technical/education clients which resulted in the creation of highly effective advertising — reinforcing their adaptability. They are team players that consistently put the clients’ needs ahead of their own.

Brad Casper, OH Partners

James gets that Apple is about users-first. He has a knack for explaining complex technical stuff to non-engineers, and has a brilliant creative mind. His work with the Apple User’s Group has helped us with our mission to make technology accessible to everyone.

Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer, Inc.

I have had the rare pleasure of working with these guys for several years now on various computer and IT projects. Having worked with many in that field, they are hands down at the top of the class. Not only does they have the technical “know-how,” they have a unique ability to take a complex subject and synthesize it into a digestible format. Highly recommended.

Mike Noble, OH Predictive Insights

Rock stars! They work tirelessly to not only present a tremendous brand online, but constantly improve on it. Because of their commitment, our web portal has fast become the leading source of news delivery in the Southwest.

Bonneville Phoenix (now Ad Zombies)

James is a brilliant technologist with a strong tendency towards creativity. He is able to solve nearly any problem by inventing something that has never been done before. Plus he has a strong work ethic and is committed to ding the right thing even when no one is looking. Anyone that is lucky enough to engage James becomes richer from the experience!

Matthew Owens, OH Partners

Our Proven Process Produces Results


During our first meeting, I gather preliminary information about your project.


Once I have an idea of what you need, I put together a project plan – and I won’t start without your sign-off.


This is the part that impresses most people. I’m fast and efficient.You’re always in the loop and I answer the phone.


Testing is absolute critical to success. I subject your project to rigorous testing and speed optimization.


Everybody’s favorite part… releasing your project into the wild! Don’t worry, though. If you need changes, I’m here for you.


It’s not over when it’s over. I keep an eye on your project after launch and provide exceptionally valuable insights.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination